Android App Development

Thetechnomind Solutions offers Android App Development services using latest development technologies, Java and Android framework to develop custom applications for Smartphones, PDAs, Pocket PC and other mobile devices. Android applications are fast, reliable and cost effective.
Thetechnomind Solutions Android App Development team skillfully uses the Android platform, which is a freely available platform with the required SDKs for Windows, Linux and Mac platform easily available at the Android website.

An Android app is a software application running on the Android platform. Because the Android platform is built for mobile devices, a typical Android app is designed for a smartphone or a tablet PC running on the Android OS.

Importance of Android App Development

1.Android App are developed on open source plateform like SDK (Softwere Development Kit).
2.Larger of Developer works on Android app development to reach the larger of the community.
3.Androd App Development Increased the marketing Strategy on modern day to day life.
4.Android App Development Reduced the cost of the development.
5.Success ratio of the marketing will be increased according to customer requirements.
6.According to Android App Development Environment becomes very reach.

Android App Development Services

Thetechnomind Solutions provides best Android App development services in varanasi. Our team work on all the functionality according to customers requirement. Our team completed the project work at the given time. Our Android App development Team always commited to completed the work on time.
Commitment of the our Android App development team is givne bellow
1.Andorid App development team completed the work on the given time.
2.Work are completed to costomers requirements.
3.Time to time necessary changes are always abalable now.
4.Work on the project are divided into different modules.
5.Different dipartment work on the each modules of the project.
6.After completed the work project goes to testing mode after that it diliver to the customers.

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Android App development industrial training program

Thetechnomind solutions provides three to four month Androd App development industrial training programs. it completed the complete Android App Development syllabush at the given time. Thetechnomind Solutions provides project based industrial training programs in varanasi.
Thetechnomind Solutions provides project based Androd App Development industrial training proggram of The given syllabush.
1.Android App Development introduction and overview.
2. Instalation and Environment Setup.
3.Resources and Activities.
4.Android UI (User Interface)
5.Content Providers and fragments.
6.UI Layouts
7.UI controls
8.Event Handling
9.Styles and Themes
10.Custom Components
11.Android Drag and Drop
13.Locations based services
14.Sending Email and sending sms
15.Phone Calls
16.Publishing Android Application
17.Android Alert Dilogs
18.Android Animations
19.Android Odio Manager
20.Bluetooth Integration.
21.Google Maps and Gps Systems
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Android : Best IT company in Varanasi

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